API Reference

Generating Rays

make_simple_ray Create a yt LightRay object for a single dataset (eg CGM).
make_compound_ray Create a yt LightRay object for multiple consecutive datasets (eg IGM).
LightRay A 1D object representing the path of a light ray passing through a simulation.

Generating Spectra

SpectrumGenerator Class for generating, storing, and plotting absorption-line spectra.
Instrument An instrument class for specifying a spectrograph/telescope pair
LSF A class representing a spectrograph’s line spread function.
Line A class representing an individual atomic transition.
LineDatabase Class for storing and selecting collections of spectral lines.

Plotting Spectra

load_spectrum Load a previously saved spectrum from disk.
plot_spectrum Plot a spectrum or a collection of spectra and save to disk.

Adding Ion Fields

add_ion_fields Preferred method for adding ion fields to a yt dataset.
add_ion_fraction_field Add ion fraction field to a yt dataset for the desired ion.
add_ion_number_density_field Add ion number density field to a yt dataset for the desired ion.
add_ion_density_field Add ion mass density field to a yt dataset for the desired ion.
add_ion_mass_field Add ion mass field to a yt dataset for the desired ion.

Miscellaneous Utilities

make_onezone_dataset Create a one-zone hydro dataset for use as test data.
make_onezone_ray Create a one-zone ray object for use as test data.
to_roman Convert an integer to a Roman numeral.
from_roman Convert a Roman numeral to an integer.
trident_path Return the path where the trident source is installed.
trident Print a Trident ASCII logo to the screen.
verify Verify that the bulk of Trident’s functionality is working.

Internals and Extensions