If you run into problems with any aspect of Trident, please follow the steps below. Don’t worry, we’ll help you get it sorted out.

Update the Code

The documentation is built for the latest version of Trident. Try Updating to the Latest Version to assure your code matches what the documentation describes. Remember to update to the latest version of yt too.

Search Documentation and Mailing List Archives

We’ve tried to do a decent job of documenting Trident, but because Trident is still beta, there are definitely holes in the documentation. That said, give it a shot and search the docs for your problem using that search window in the upper left part of the screen.

If that doesn’t work, try looking at specific problems we might have addressed in our Frequently Asked Questions.

Lastly, try searching the archives of our mailing list. Chances are that someone else may have encountered the problem that you have and already wrote to the list. You can search the list here.

Contact our Mailing List

Compose a message to our low-volume mailing list. Remember to include details like the operating system you’re using, the type of dataset you’re trying to reduce, the version of Trident and yt you’re using (find it out here), and of course, a description of the problem you’re having with any relevant traceback errors. Our mailing list is located here:!forum/trident-project-users