Frequently Asked Questions

What version of Trident am I running?

To learn what version of Trident you’re running, type:

$ python
>>> import trident
>>> print(trident.__version__)

If you have a version ending in dev, it means you’re on the development branch and you should also figure out which particular changeset you’re running. You can do this by:

$ cd <path/to/trident>
$ git log --pretty=format:'%h' -n 1

To figure out what version of yt you’re running, type:

$ yt version

If you’re writing to the mailing list with a problem, be sure to include all of the above with your bug report or question.

Where is Trident installed? Where are its data files?

One can easily identify where Trident is installed:

$ python
>>> import trident
>>> print(trident.path)

The data files are located in that path with an appended /data.

How do I join the mailing list?

You can join our mailing list for announcements, bugs reports, and changes at:!forum/trident-project-users

How do I learn more about the algorithms used in Trident?

We have a full description of all the methods used in Trident including citations to previous related works in our Trident method paper.

How do I cite Trident in my research?

Check out our citation page.